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Fundraising and Special Events Planning

Tastebud Temptations is able to offer our facility for Onsite Catering, Fund Raising, and your Special Event such as receptions of all sorts, meetings, rehearsals, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, and any celebration you can name.

A little knock on my front door from the local youth league footballer or cheerleader reminds me it's that time of year again. School and sports event fund-raisers. Each child beholds a bright smile and eager eyes as they carry a box full of candy bars or an order form for cookie dough, wrapping paper or candles. I've bought enough of each of these items I could bake the cookies over the candle flame and wrap them to give away!

I decided to help out my little leaguers by offering the following solution.

With the group's fundraiser team lead, we create a special menu of 4 or 5 items for your organization. The team members do their part by passing out the menu and order forms to their friends and family. People place the orders directly with me. I then cook the meals, deliver the food and collect the money. Your organization receives a tally of the orders and a check from me as soon as the last order is delivered! It's wonderful! So different from candles!

Call us to discuss assistance with your community event. We do them all!